Please Note: "The Murder At Asbury Park"

Is Currently Out of Print .



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"They didn't know they were telling a story"


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Vintage True Crime Told as Never Before

"In small towns such crimes and escapes are not soon forgotten.
There must be punishment. The man must be caught."

-- Asbury Park Police Chief William H. Smith (Dec. 4, 1910)

asbury park murder mystery 1

One of the 20th Century's
most remarkable murder mysteries
now revealed in stunning detail
incorporating scans
of the fantastic daily reports

filed on the scene by the famous...

William J. Burns
National Detective Agency

william j burns 1

From the small and rustic seaside town of Asbury Park NJ,
to the vice-ridden streets of New York's Lower East Side,
from the backwoods of
Yonkers, to the Atlantic City boardwalk,
history and true crime come together in a world recaptured!

asbury park murder mystery 3

Ten-year-old Marie Smith of Asbury Park is murdered.
Suspects emerge -- with tantalizing but incomplete evidence.
The townsfolk are frantic. Some are out to lynch a man.
Exceptional measures will be required to uncover the truth

asbury park murder mystery 4

Small town officials, at their wits' end, call in the Burns Agency.
Young Raymond C. Schindler, New York City manager of
the agency, now has his first murder case -- the toughest ever!

asbury park murder mystery 5

After weeks of investigation, Schindler must go all out:
He must apply what he has learned from boss William J. Burns,
who visits him and his agents on the scene with advice.

The Murder of Little Marie Must be Avenged!

Material hidden for nearly 100 years
at last fills in the enormous blanks
of the daring "theatrical" sting operation
& nearly every aspect of the case.

Featuring detectives Raymond C. Schindler,
Charles Scholl, Afro-American operative
R.W.E. ("Russell") & daring "Rope Detective"
Carl R. Neumeister, the "sting artist"

Among the hundreds of documents are Carl R. Neumeister's incredible day-by-day
detailing his shared life with the main suspect as he develops the months-long sting.
The operation involves the staging of a phony murder and many other ploys.

asbury park murder mystery 6

"They didn't know they were telling a story"

If you love to read old documents, these day-by-day reports are sure engross and enthrall you.
The only other known copy was lost in the Asbury Park Press building fire of 1916.
Another copy was quietly uncovered nearly 100 years later and acquired by the present author.
Never intended for the public, they are now a treasure of vintage Americana in ...

Peter Lucia

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Please Note: "The Murder At Asbury Park"

Is Currently Out of Print .

* 500 illustrations *
And told completely without fictional invention

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"Amazing stuff. This has got to become a collector's item. No doubt about it. "
Danny DeVito (actor, director and native of Asbury Park, NJ.)

"The Murder At Asbury Park would hook anybody who likes murder mysteries,
delight history buffs, and will leave your mouth watering if you like both."

-- Maureen Berzok, "Jersey Writers" Weblog

"...made my hair stand on end." -- V.M. (Lake Wales, FL.)

"It's wonderful!" -- Barbara C. (Lakewood, NJ)

" engrossing story told in an exciting way - I love reading the original documents,
looking at the photos and following the trail."
-- Francine H. (Baltimore, MD)

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