We thank V.M. of Florida (former resident of the Asbury Park area) for this terrific photo of Kruschka's property.

At center and at right, the photo shows the Kruschka residence and one large greenhouse. The photo is probably a little earlier than 1910. The hedge mentioned in the story (which bordered the property) is not yet present.

To the left are what appear to be small greenhouse-like structures (perhaps the "hotbeds" mentioned in the story). At the far left is the White's house. It is from the upper windows that several Burns detectives spied on Heidemann at work. The White's barn is also visible, just behind the house.

The person at left is said to be Max Kruschka. The other individuals are unidentified, though the two women bear some suggestive resemblance to Mrs. Kruschka (right) and their helper (left) as they appear in the photo on page 36 of TMAAP.

It would seem that the gravely area in front is Asbury Avenue or perhaps part of a driveway before the avenue was widened.

The photo below shows the same scene today (March 2004). It is obvious that the upper parts of the White's house have stayed the same. Asbury Avenue is in the foreground. The corner of Asbury Avenue and Whitesville Road (or Third Avenue) is at left, just an "inch" or so outside the photo.