Heidemann's first apartment in NYC after leaving Asbury Park

When Heidemann left Asbury Park for good, on January 5, 1911, the detectives followed him to 306 E. 14th Street, New York City. The building no longer exists, but my search of New York's Municipal Archives (31 Chambers Street, NYC) turned up the following image, which was taken in the 1930s. (During that decade, all New York's buildings were photographed for tax reasons.)

I didn't think the image was useful, so I did not have it printed, but I did photograph it right off the microfilm machine (along with machine itself!).

From the documents:

T.P. Bowers reports:

This place is a three story and basement house, brown stone front, furnished rooming place. At 3:50 subject came out. He wore a very light pearl gray Alpine hat of latest design, and wears it turned down over his eyes. Also a dary gray three-quarter length overcoat and blue trousers tight fitting, and black shoes.