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Clarifications, errata, etc.

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Two more "Telephone Girl" cards.

Fourteenth Street, New York City, then and now.

Interesting Classified in The AP Evening Press, Oct. 1910.

1950s photo of Reporter Alvin B. Cliver.

A wonderful photo of Kruschka's Asbury Avenue property.

Heidemann's first apartment in NYC after leaving Asbury.

Autograph of William J. Burns.

A listing of some familiar names in Boyd's Directory of Asbury Park, 1910.

The Belmont Hotel Destroyed by Fire.

New Schindler Notes.

New Notes about the Greater New York Detective Agency (GNY).

New Notes about the Actress Hedwig Von Ostermann.

New Note about Boberg's Bay View Hotel.

Aerial view of the area of the murder and early case events.

Aerial view of the scene of the phony murder, in Yonkers, NY.

Information "About Uncle Bill White."  

Photo-Essay: November 9, 2010 -- 100 Years Since That Fateful Day.  (Added 10 / 10)

Further Observations on Kruschka

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