Clarifications, Textual Changes, Errata, etc.

On this page I have corrected any errors or slip-ups that I have come across. The following are small and do not have much effect on the story but, for the sake of accuracy, I note them.

ON MAP PAGE. The second map of the Maps Pages shows Prospect Avenue where Dunlwey Street should be. Prospect is the next street to the west, near the entrance to the "drift road." (Thanks to B.C.S. for pointing this out.)

PAGE 9. "Woodrew " or "Woodrow?" I believe that one of the newspapers (which didn't like the governor-elect) spelled it Woodrew Wilson and I picked up on it this one time.

PAGE 17. The line "On Wednesday morning, his wife looked out her window…" This should read "This morning, his wife looked out her window." (The day is Thursday. The Press article cited is actually from the Evening Press edition.)

PAGE 18. I refer to Mollie as Delia Jackson's daughter-in-law. This is incorrect. She was Mrs. Jackson's stepdaughter. (This fact is correctly stated elsewhere.) A source familiar with Delia Jackson's family has supplied this information. In the Appendix (3.4) it is said that Delia Jackson's daughter Dorothy was nine years old. She was, in fact, only six years old (this is probably a mistake in Investigator Scholl's report).

PAGE 56.The middle initial of Dr. Joseph Ackerman is H., not F., as I wrote.

PAGE 106 I wrote "Forensic entomology blossomed in the preceding century." I should have written "...began to bud in the preceding century." The word blossomed suggests that the discipline had come to full fruition (which, of course, is far from the truth).

Between pages 165 and 166. some words are missing from a sentence. The missing words are shown in blue, below:

PAGE 254. I wrote "If Neumeister reported correctly, Heidemann must have lied about being at Holberg's until nine. The reports of the 'shadow detectives' state that he stayed home, alone. " Actually, I confused the end of this day (January 7) with the close of the following day. G.A.H. reported for January 7: "At 9 P.M. I saw him enter [his rooming house] with a girl. I covered the house until 10:30 P.M. and not seeing him come out up to this time, I discontinued..."

PAGE 298. The name S.S. Bowers should be S.S. Brody.