New Notes From a Recently Uncovered Article Mentioning

Boberg's Bay View Hotel


It's a great thrill for a researcher to come across something that he thought he would never hear anything about again. I have to keep reminding myself that everything in "The Murder at Asbury Park" is true, including the "unheard of" places and long-vanished "characters." Lately, I encountered a reference to Boberg's Bay View Hotel, Flatlands Long Island (the hotel is mentioned in Chapters Two and Three of TMAAP). Heidemann once worked at this establishment. It was here that Lizzie Gerdzt, in her bedroom, turned to find Heidemann starting at her by the door - a very unpleasant experience for the girl. The following excerpts are from "The Syracuse Herald", June 23, 1919.

The headline reads: ROBBED GIRL LEFT DAZED BY "LIZARDS." The sub-headlines: Three Men Ingratiate Themselves With Flatlands Party - BRUTALLY BEATEN - Girl Left Unconscious as Robbers Flee With $1,700 Gems.

The article continues:

" Dorothy Davenport, daughter of a well-known Brooklyn family, was found unconscious early yesterday on the sidewalk in Avenue U, near Flatbush Avenue. The story she told to her father, E.P. Davenport, a real estate man, after she regained consciousness more than six hours later in the King's County Hospital, resulted in three detectives being assigned to find three young men of the "lounge lizard" variety [...] The attack followed an evening of dancing at Boberg's Bay View Hotel, on Flatland's Bay, in which the three social pirates, as the police term them, succeeded in ingratiating themselves with Miss Davenport's party and in dancing with the women members."