Excerpts From Recently Uncovered Articles About Schindler


ARTICLE 1: 1968 article about Schindler's fourth wife.

The following excerpts are from a 1968 article in The Playground Daily News (Fort Walton, Beach, Florida). Headline: SCHINDLER WIDOW ATTEMPTS REVIVAL OF SLEUTH'S STORY"

"Last week Schindler's window visited in Fort Walton Beach en route to South Florida from California and Texas."

"She worked closely with him for 26 years and carries with her numerous case records and mementos of his colorful life. Schindler died in 1959 at the age of 77."

"His window is currently negotiating with TV producers for a detective series and she is contemplating a book based on his life."

"Mrs. Schindler's plans for her own future are somewhat indefinite. She is currently engaged in a long estate battle over some of her late husband's holdings, one of which is the Tarrytown-on-the-Hudson mansion formerly owned by Anna Gould, the Duchess of Tallyrand."

"Her primary goal at the present seems to be that of getting his story into a 1960s setting, and weather the medium will be TV, movie, book, or all three, remains to be seen."

Note: Janis Schindler was murdered in 1970. I have not yet looked into the case. PL

ARTICLE 2: 1947 article about Schindler's opinion of crime movies.

The following excerpts are from The Port Arthur News , April 13, 1957. (The interview was conducted in the famous Brown Derby restaurant, Hollywood Ca.) Headline: "CRIME FILMS NEED MORAL, SAYS" By Bob Thomas Hollywood, April 12.

"...I asked the sleuth if he thought the Hollywood trend to gangster and murder pictures had a bad effect on youth... 'I think there is no doubt about it' [Schindler said] ... 'He [the movie detective] could point out the mistakes of the way of crime. I have often done that and I have later even hired men that I have sent to prison.'"

Schindler mentioned "Boomerang" and "Lady in the Lake" as examples of constructive crime movies "although he considered four corpses too many for one film." [Movie detectives] "always seem to encounter some romantic interest, and that is not quite accurate," he said. Romance is involved in about one out of 20 cases. And another thing - they always seem to be getting into fights. I've been in this business many years and I haven't been in a fight yet."